Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in Dublin

Why should I get the sofa clean by Sandyford Sofa Cleaning Professional Services?

Most of the manufacturers recommend cleaning your carpets every six months. At Sandyford Sofa Cleaning Professional Services, we provide regular vacuuming of your carpets and keep your carpets in good shape for your business. Professionally cleaned carpets don't invalidate your Furniture Protection Plan.

When can I walk on the floors after carpet cleaning?

It should take at least six to eight hours before you can walk on your carpet. Then only place heavy furniture back on the rug. 

Can I get a price quote over a call?

Sandyford Sofa Cleaning Professional Services provides cleaning work at an affordable price, but we need to visit the location to look at work. 

What is the cost of professional cleaning a couch?

Sandyford Sofa Cleaning Professional Services provides discount and exciting offers to bulk order for your hotel. But you can expect between $50 and $200 for a single sofa.