Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

At Sandy Ford Carpet Cleaning, we take care of all kinds of domestic and professional carpet cleaning needs. Be it your apartment, office or warehouse our professional team will ensure you the best cleaning solutions at the most affordable rates. 

Our team comprises of some of the best carpet cleaning professionals in Dundrum and the company has around 25 years of experience in this industry. We use all kinds of safe and environmental-friendly tools and cleaning solutions that are certified.

If you are looking for a carpet cleaning company with ultimate expertise, choose us. Our team of experts knows how to tackle the cleaning task successfully. We leave no stones unturned to give your carpets and rugs a deep cleansed look. We use some of the best technologically advanced cleaning machines that can take care of every detail thus ensuring that no stains, dust, mites or allergens are left behind. We promise you some of the fast and punctual services.

Our Services

Domestic Carpet Cleaning
Domestic Carpet Cleaning
Our reliable and efficient team of professionals offer you fast and friendly domestic carpet cleaning services using eco-friendly and non-toxic products. We offer you not only a hassle-free booking system but a fully insured service.
Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Commercial Carpet Cleaning
When it comes to commercial carpet cleaning service we offer you 24-hour service including an emergency carpet cleaning service. Our highly trained technician uses some of the best carpet cleaning technology, eco-friendly techniques and safe products. We offer services for offices, schools, churches, warehouses, public houses, restaurants, crèches, etc.
Rug Cleaning Dublin
Rug Cleaning Dublin

We deal in both commercial and domestic rug cleaning services. We deep wash any type of rug and offer you amazing results. Our team uses the hot water extraction system for this rugs cleaning process in dublin sandyford as it has been proved to be the most effective method of rug cleaning. We also offer a steam rug cleaning service.

Hotel Cleaning Services
Hotel cleaning services providers in Ireland usually charge from €16 per hour of service to a couple of hundred euros for a one-off deep clean of a four-bedroom home.
Commercial Building Cleaning
Commercial building cleaning includes cleaning floors, internal walls, furniture, lighting, pantry area and more.
Apartment Cleaning Services

Yes, A special training has been given to our cleaning professional to treat your pets. We also use non-toxic products by keeping in mind the safety of your pets.

Residential Building Cleaning
Yes, we offer cleaning, dusting, waste removal, pest control, and many other benefits.
Professional Pup and Restaurant Carpet Cleaning
Sandyford Pup and Restaurant carpet cleaners will clean your carpet with truck-mounted hot water extraction. This method is effective and cost-efficient also.
Professional Hotel Carpet Cleaning
We use a cleaning solution containing deodorizers which help in removing smell from the carpet. Hotel Carpet Cleaning Services Sandyford uses deodorizers that leave a clean and fresh scent behind.
Hospitality Carpet Cleaning
At Sandyford Hospitality Carpet Cleaning Company, we are professional for cleaning all types of carpets. We always use eco-friendly and chemical safe products.
Coronavirus Deep Cleaning
All the merchandise utilized by Dublin COVID nineteen Cleaners for medical care and approved by the USA government. Before giving services, we also provide details of the products to check their ingredients.
commercial building window cleaning cost
Commercial and Residential Window Cleaning
You should clean your residential windows frequently, and cleaning commercial windows depends on your requirements and other factors such as location, budget, type of windows.
Professional Carpet Cleaning
These carpets are something which gives us the most problem to clean because they can also cause allergies.
Domestic Carpet Cleaning
Before stains get visible and capture attention is always a good rule of thumb. Or you can take a white to moisten a cloth and rub it over the carpet.
Pressure Jet Blast Washing
Heat is the basic difference between jet blast washing and power washing. Pressure Jet Blast Washing Services in Dublin uses heated wate
Office Building Cleaning
The cost of office cleaning starts at $0.11 per square foot to $0.07 square foot in Sandyford.
Carbo Cleaner
Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Most of the manufacturers recommend cleaning your carpets every six months. At Sandyford Sofa Cleaning Professional Services
Oven Cleaning
Yes, our products are designed to handle all types of oven. Most of the ranges have self-clean interiors.
Residential Mattress Cleaning
The service of the mattress depends on its size. For example, the mattress of a king-size bed takes 20 minutes,


How frequently should I get the carpets professionally cleaned?

The general rule states that in high-traffic areas, you need to hire a professional carpet cleaner every 12 - 18 months. But this frequency may vary depending on the circumstances.

How long does a carpet take to dry after cleaning?

After we clean, your carpet will be slightly damp that can take around 6 to 10 hours to dry completely. However, in some cases it can even take up to 24-hours to dry depending on the time of year you clean your carpet, the humidity level, air circulation and temperature inside the house.

Do I need to do anything before the professional technician arrives?

Normally, it is recommended to remove any valuables or smaller items from the room you intend to give for cleaning and discuss regarding the larger items that cannot be moved. Also, ensure that no one is present there in the room during the cleaning process.

What is the expected cost of getting a carpet professionally cleaned?

This cost varies depending on the area you live in. Most companies charge on a per square foot basis.