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How can I book a service slot?

There are many ways you opt from like you can call us on the available number or drop us an email for the booking. 

What happens after filling the inquiry form?

After filling up the inquiry form our team will give you a callback and confirm your requirements so we can come with the best tools to get the job done. 

Can I also book for commercial carpet cleaning?

 At Sandfordcarpet we offer commercial and personal carpet cleaning service. No matter the work is big or small our team will ensure to deliver you the best results. 

Does carpet cleaning make a difference?

Carpet cleaning is not just important for removing stains but also to improve the life span period of the carpet.

Do carpets get dirty faster after cleaning?

This can happen if detergent is not cleaned out properly from the carpet, so this can easily attract more dirt. 

What if I want to change the cleaning date

No worries with that just inform our team of the new dates, because our priority is customer satisfaction.

How the complete booking and cleaning process works?

We will call you back and confirm the date and time for the cleaning, after completing the process we make our customer sees it, and if he/she is satisfied with them our word ends. 

Can your team offer dry cleaning?

This can be done by the team we carry specialized machines to clean the carpet with help chemical that permits no moisture. 

What technique is used the most to clean the carpet?

Steam cleaning is used most commonly because this will ensure to break down the dirt and bacteria stored deep within the carpet with the help of a vacuum.

Can damp carpets make you ill?

 A damp carpet can be bad for your health because the presence of mold can cause a variety of health issues.