Residential Mattress Cleaning Services in Sandyford

What time is required to service a mattress?

The service of the mattress depends on its size. For example, the mattress of a king-size bed takes 20 minutes, whereas, for a queen-size bed, it takes around 15 minutes. 

Can you clean an old mattress and blanket?

Yes, old mattresses and blankets have higher levels of dust, fungus and germs. We are experts in making them clean and fresh again.

How does your Mattress Service Work?

First, we inspect the mattress then use chemicals according to this quality to remove stains. Then extreme hot water is injected and then suctioned, which kills bacteria and germs from the bed. 

What is the cost of Mattress Cleaning Services in Dublin

The average price of mattress cleaning services is $75 for a queen-size mattress and $150 for a king-size mattress. It also depends on the quality and size of the bed.