Domestic Carpet Cleaning Services in Sandyford

How do I know my carpet needs cleaning?
Before stains get visible and capture attention is always a good rule of thumb. Or you can take a white to moisten a cloth and rub it over the carpet. If the soil is transferred to material, then it is an indication of cleaning required. Or best is you can schedule a professional cleaning every six months.
How much time is required to clean my carpets?
Every cleaning is different. An average home to clean, including stairs, chairs, and couches, can take a little longer. However, we allow time in most jobs to provide better services.
Are you able to clean flood-damaged carpets?
Yes. Our extremely powerful machine will extract the water from the carpet, and deep cleaning gives it a new life and removes any odours in the process.
Will steam cleaning damage my carpet?
Not, steam cleaning is the best and the most efficient way of cleaning carpet.